Did you see that?! | Fairbanks Family Photographer


Time just flew by.

;) I dunno if you're like me right now ... but that right there pretty much sums up my whole existence! I know August is coming but oy. Not sure I'm ready for the month "August", although in true Alaskan style, I am SO ready for the fall to be here. Who's with me?! Isn't that the funny thing about us? It's so fun to be back home & hear all the chatter already about "I'm so ready for winter" and "I can't wait for fall, this warm weather has got to go". Guess there's a reason we all live here after-all. ;)

Speaking of fall, I'm just about booked. I still have a few dates open - literally just a couple - so if you are interested in a fall or early winter session, get in touch with me today so we can set you up with your session ASAP. Sessions are booking about 6-8 weeks out at this point.

Thought I'd share a few finds I've been enjoying lately ... Soule Mama (I just got her book The Creative Family - can't wait to dig in ... we've been scratching the surface on a few things, but I don't really feel like that counts!) ... a life less ordinary post vacation ;) (yes, it was relaxing & rejuvenating and yes I will have to share some snaps as I go through them, all in due time) ... and the friendship of this wonderful mama. She is amazing and yes, she is that gorgeous in person. And funny too! We had a great time chatting about everything from photography to kids to photography ;) to business to life with kids, photography AND a business. Good for the soul. As for the other finds ... we'll let them be of the visual variety ...


And a 16x24 that showed up at my door. Yeah baby. :)