A Post to Post | Fairbanks Child & Family Photographer

How cute are they?! I know. You don't even have to say! :D Mama A and I have been scheming this session for what feels like forever - phone, e-mail, you name it! We probably could have Skype'd a few times too if either of us could find the time. ;) I'm so thankful she chose me to have as her family photographer ... well, truthfully, thankful seems like an understatement. When you find out that this is *the first* family photo session ever ... you feel very humbled. It's such a meaningful step in the life of becoming a family unit - starting your journey of 'family pictures' that show your love, laughter & spirit through the years. When you put it that way ... I feel very honored. Thank you, Mama A. I had a blast with you guys! And seriously, do I need to mention again how stinkin' cute they are?!

Exhibit A ;)


Yeah and (no offense guys) they're even missing the cutest link! Smiles n' all. (Exhibit B)


Moms, take note: just plain ol' over-alls for our shoot = THE MachC outfit {Classic AND Modern.}


I love*love*love this next shot ... it's so "life with a toddler" and if you can laugh through it all ... there are good roads up ahead.

It's really too bad we didn't have any fun at all. ;)


Thank you guys! I had such a wonderful time and am just loving what we got ... I cannot wait to share the rest with you!

Hope you enjoyed your peek.