11 Months & 2 Years Later | Fairbanks Family Photographer

I don't think I could ever come up with the 'right' words ... or enough words ... to share in my delight in photographing this family ... of four. Yes, they are a four-some now. And I have to say, they gel like this is the way it's always been. Forever & ever. I have *SO* many images that I want to share ... with them & you ... but that would spoil the fun! :D So for now ... just a few of this lovely crew ... that I started photographing many, many moons ago when that cutie in the striped shirt ... with his tongue hanging out ;) ... was just 11 months old ... and now, baby brother is (almost) walking in his footsteps. It's funny, as I sit & look through their images, I think they are making the same faces in a few of them! Definitely brothers. :) Stephanie ... thank you! Thank you for sharing the joy & laughter of your family that day ... the noodle song (I don't think I've laughed harder!) ... calling me 'my family photographer' and saying the sweetest things like, "I look forward to finding my passion one day, as you have yours." These little boys couldn't have a better mama in you! For those of you who don't know, Stephanie & her family don't live here - so this was an extra special treat especially for that reason. Another little known fact, we have quite literally known each other since birth ... no kidding ... I think we are 5-6 hours apart?!?! I'm the old wise one, can't you tell ;) xo!

Mr. Jack - completely adorable ... full of spunk & laughs & tons o' love for anyone that crosses his path :)

jt_inmotionMr. Eli - I don't think there's a bigger grin out there. Full of smiles, especially for mama's chicken noodle song ;) I think I hear it now ...


And last, but not least ... a quick favorite of the whole family


I cannot wait for you guys to see the rest! I think we got some keepers ;) travel safe ... and enjoy the ride!