The Space Between | Fairbanks 'Tween Photographer

I really, truly feel so blessed to meet the people I do. And we meet in round-about ways too ... sometimes through a friend-of-a-friend, other times a personal referral from another client or just as simple as "I know so-and-so and saw their pictures" ...  and in cases like this, a chance meeting over a year and a half ago when I went looking for a nurse-midwife to deliver our youngest. And this session has been in the works pretty much ever since! :) I have to say, I have no greater joy & smile on my face right now than seeing this all come to fruition. A coming-of-age session of sorts as Sawyer is right smack-dab in those 'tween years. A beautiful age to photograph & commemorate; I'm so glad this was on her mama's wish list! I think sometimes it's easy to forget our 'tweeners - we get so caught up in memorializing those itty-bitty stages in the first five years ... then off to school they go and we don't think about having a custom portrait session again until they are ready to graduate. It happens! :) I just hope after seeing this session, it may inspire some of you out there to have a special session just for the tween in your life. What an amazing way to burst into the teen years! Sawyer, you were amazing to work with! I loved getting to know you & hear about your chickens (rhode island reds! :D ) & dogs and those pesky squirrels. Thank you for braving the mosquitoes with me too - I think we got eaten alive! All in the name of art, right ;) heehee. Enjoy your sneak peeks ... I'll be in touch with the rest soon!




I love seeing the tree-house peeking ever-so-slightly out from the distance. The bridge from childhood seems to sit right about here.