Thankful Thursday.

Yep, a Thankful Thursday post is truly in order! It's been a crazy few weeks ... all this and then my blog gives me trouble to boot. Aaahhh those days that simply drive you insane ;) So ... in Traditional Ten on Tuesday'ness ... Thankful Thursday ToT Style ;) aaaahhh-yeah.

1. SO thankful that my blog went down & I was actually not able to participate in my inaugural 10 on Tuesday post. Why? Ummm.... it's hard. Coming up with ten random things to chit-chat about just because it's Tuesday... is hard. A lot harder than it seems on the surface. But to all of you who do the ToT thang - keep it up! I really enjoy reading yours ... I just don't enjoy making mine. :)

2. Little critters. We had a vole this week ... stuck in the window well. Not stuck-trying-to-get-through-something stuck ... no stuck in the I-can't-get-out-of-here sense and am-now-becoming-a-furry-mess b/c the stress is making me lose all my hair stuck. Word is, it actually jumped from the shovel and played dead - one eye open. And then, when it felt like it was truly free ... busted out of here like no other! Hopefully it got back to its vole family safe n' sound.

3. So thankful for hidden gems like this ... that I've proofed & sent on but forgot about until doing something else and then *gasp* at finding it all over again. It's the eyes I think. Aren't they gorgeous? She has such beautiful eyes this little one.


4. Very thankful for the fall chatter ... I hear you guys! :) I actually have something very cool in the works ... a holiday special of sorts. Can't wait! I'm so excited to hear you are thinking of Christmas pics already! :) Now is the time for sure.

5. I'm thankful for the "fatal error" message on my blog ... it let me kick some things to the curb ... and chat with one of my good friends. :) (*Please note, you have now been mentioned & thanked twice 'fatal error' message ... I am plenty ok if you decide your job is done here & mosey right along. Just sayin'.)

6. I'm thankful for birthdays ... and 60th wedding anniversary celebrations ... and summer solstice ... and light & summer ... even summer rain...

7. I am thankful that every time (yes, every.time.) we go out to the greenhouse, my baby says, "And this is where we have our tomato plants." *Ahem* There are no tomato plants ... yet ... but we talk about them. A lot. :)  So I'm glad that they are there in spirit. They look really nice. You should see them. ;)

8. Love, love, love that I get to photograph this little man, time & time again. :) #2 is on the way - I can't wait! So thankful their mama gets me & lets me capture the real him. And pretty soon the real them. ::sigh:: *LOVE* seeing my families grow.

9. My Cali shoot. I think that's all I can say for now. ;)

10. And last ... but certainly not least ... my family ... who all came from every-which-way (TN, AZ, CO, WA to name a few) to be in Alaska this week for our grandma's birthday and our grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. I have over 22 cousins on that side alone ... 26 grandchildren in all ...  now 13 great-grandchildren plus one on the way. I'm so thankful for the time I get to spend with these great people - sharing the memories & laughter ... letting our children play together ... and remembering the days when we did the same. Love you all! xoxo