Fashion Friday {What to Wear} | Fairbanks Family Photographer

The question comes up again & again ... especially when we head into 'that time of year' - families & Seniors! So I thought I'd try a little "Fashion Friday {What to Wear}" segment on for size. Tell me what you think!

So this Friday we'll start with a simple, but quick get-up from Old Navy (remember the days when we didn't have one of those here in town?! seems like forever ago now!). All for a toddler-age boy & his mama & daddy. The boy is definitely the apple of everyone's eye ... maybe this can be the 'green with envy' family ensemble. ;)



Classic -  not stuffy or matchy-match ... but also clean, fun & easy to move & play in - perfect for a family session with MachC Photography! And the easiest part about this look is shoes! It works with flip-flops, something a little more dressy (loafers & a short heel?) or bare foot - that's my kinda outfit. :)

I bet you might even have some of these items already in your closet ... see ... how easy was that ;)