Caught up in Circles, Confusion is nothing New

And you say, go slow ... . There's not a day that goes by that isn't jam-packed around here, let me tell ya! I already feel like I'm *way* behind on blogging and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to any sort of 'to-do' list! I definitely think the summer hours trick you into just trying to pack more into one day. Unbelievable. & Inconceivable. Two housekeeping items that I don't want you to forget:

  1. Seniors! The full scoop is here, but you know the drill! Now's the time to become a Fan & book your MachC Senior Session. Book now, get the goods & have your session in August! Done & dusted.
  2. The New Mat Mini's. Need I say more? You save the cost of a whole session!

These are such fun offers that save you money AND get you some free goods while you're at it! How can you beat that? Drop me a line through the contact page here to set something up.

Availability - aaaahhh the 's' word ... "scheduling" ... for as busy as it's been, I haven't been able to sit down & set my fall schedule yet (I know, shocking! ;) and hey, over here, "fall" is August & September *wink, wink*). But please don't wait for that to 'go up' before you contact me about a 'fall' session. I already have clients on a waiting list - quite literally just waiting for a date. So if you want to be one of those clients and get first dibs on a fall date, let me know! I tend to book 6-8 weeks in advance and those who have booked a session with me, get first dibs on a date.

What else? ... Been waiting on some exciting news that I hope I get to share soon; we'll see! Lots o' goodies have come in the past few weeks that I am just in luuuuuuurve with and can't wait to show off to my clients! Some of you have seen a few of them :) yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout ;) . Good stuff. Behind-the-scenes busy with sessions, proofing, ordering, you name it. All to make sure memories like this


don't get left behind. Childhood captured in an instant.