And they all shine on | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

Okay, ever had *so much* going on that you didn't know what to say (errr, write)? where to begin? so you just kept staring at the blank screen? Wait, that's writer's block for a term paper? Uh-oh. That's no good if I'm in term paper mode ;) . Ohmygawsh things are just crazy here. Crazier than crazy - whatever that is. It's here. The past week + has been a whirlwind of activity and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. ... I'm not sure if that's good or bad! ha! I do hear the maniacal laughter of the SYTYCD judge in the background though ... which is so bad it's good. :) So that's a start!

If you're interested in a New Mat Mini session, let me know! And Seniors, only two weeks left for the Senior Special - contact me today if you want in! I think that's about it on the home front. Just waiting on a much loved auntie to get home for the summer so she can fill up on love from some kids who have missed her dearly ... and trying to iron out some fun stuff in the works ... yes, I want to spill the beans (now!) but I can't ... not until it's officially-official ;) . We'll see! Life has a way of working itself out when we least expect it to, right? So for now ... I'll leave you with this: over 8 inches of hair gone ... chopped off ... & donated. It's my second donation in just under four years. Previously, I donated to Locks of Love. This time around my stylist suggested Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. Check out their blog here; they just hit the 1 million inches donated mark! How incredible is that?!




I like that slogan. Cut Share Shine. Amidst all the environmental chaos (someone told me I need to coin that term ;) ) ... it feels good.  :)