Love, Love, Me Do | Fairbanks Maternity & Baby Photographer

All this right here ... eight months in the making ... and we're not just talking about that little bump there ;) crazy but true, this whole session has been part of the plans all along. And yes, those plans started many, many moons ago. And now, here we are ... *finally*. I know Megan & I have been waiting ages for our session together ... and I think Chris was just brought along for the ride ;) . I've been lucky enough to 'shoot' some of Megan's good friends (you can find them here) a while back and since then have gotten to know her circle of friends that are having babies this year (you can find a few of them here and here). *Ahem* For those friends who are in that circle and NOT currently pregnant - consider yourself forewarned! LOL ;) I feel so lucky to have met Megan this past year - she is truly a beautiful person, inside & out - full of joy & love ... spunk & life. I have no doubt the people in her life would say the same. Needless to say, I cannot wait for their baby to get here - let the countdown begin! :D

And I'm sure it goes without mention, but when my clients show up in something like this ... oh my heart skips a beat. Did I ever tell you I have THE BEST clients?!!! :) (I also had to show them how well their first baby was behaving ... would you believe he's not even 1 yet! Yeah. Seriously, as cute as Marley, but waaaaay better behaved :D haha.)


And for all my non-Alaskan friends ... the sun is setting at about 11:30pm these days (and getting later every day!) ...

so yes, we were all out pretty late ... but I think it was well worth it. :)


Stay tuned M ... I *may* just sneak another one up here for you if I get the chance ... you know, maybe if you come back here & visit the blog a few more times this week *wink, wink*.