Kami Bryn & Ellie Reese | Fairbanks Alaska Children's Photographer

I'm not going to lie ... I had *SUCH* a hard time picking out the sneak peeks for these cuties! If I kept going at the rate I was at well... pretty much their whole gallery would be up here before our eyes! It was so much fun to have two little girls to photograph; two little girls who most definitely had a thing for the camera and well, I think the camera was pretty smitten with them too. ;) Such is life. You never know what you're going to get with a crew under five, but I must say, these two were so easy going throughout the whole process. And when one needed a break, the next one stepped up to the plate. Mom made it just what it was supposed to be: fun, relaxed, full of them (their rooms, their Alaskan-made playhouse, their favorite clothes, their everything). I have to say it: I love my clients! It's those special touches that allow our session to unfold just. like. this.


Love the playhouse. Truly incredible. A work of art in its own right (it was like a mini-house! testing my memory here, but I think it was dad & grandpa who built it together for the girls; windows, shutters, the works!).


Yep, the room decor matched the girls for sure! :)

And this next one... I can't even put into words. I hesitated even putting it up on the blog because I didn't want to spoil anything for mom. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite family shots. Made even more meaningful for two reasons 1. as moms, we never get these pictures of us with our kids, let alone such an intimate, vulnerable moment of us, truly at peace with our babies (thank you, Karri, you made that happen!) and 2. dad was there, standing in the background, just soaking it all up, making sure mama got some with just her babies. I ♥ that.