Booking into July ... | Fairbanks Baby, Child & Senior Photographer

Been *SUPER* busy over here - sorry for the blog neglect! Hopefully I can correct that soon. Have so many fun sessions to blog in the coming weeks; I can't wait! In the meantime, a little housekeeping ... June is fully booked ... with only a few dates left in July (the end of July). If you are ready to book with MachC Photography, now is the time! :) I hope to have my fall schedule up soon. Those who have paid for & booked their session will get 'first dibs' on dates; keep that in mind as you are thinking about booking a late summer/fall session. Those dates tend to go the fastest!

And what's a post without a picture?


I know. Seriously. Could she be any cuter? (Channeling Chandler there ;) )  Check out Liza's goodies over @  Wee Wittle Tids' Boutique (big kid sizes too!!!). She's got so much great stuff over there ... perfect for everyday (and photo shoots along the way ;) ).