Baby Tripp 11 Days New | Fairbanks Newborn & Baby Photography

11 days new and fresh from the oven ... *sigh* ... I know, he's pretty dang cute isn't he. I have to say, Tripp, has been about the easiest, most content AND most wide-awake baby I've ever photographed. :) haha He really only slept a short wink throughout our whole session, but wow, what a beautiful, alert & focused little boy. He was just literally breathing it all in. Taking in every moment, every sound, every smell. (I hope that means he took a great nap for you guys that afternoon!) His mama & I are also full fledged members of the same club now too (8lbs+ we'retoughalaskangirls-thankyouverymuchclub ;) ). It's amazing to think he was just hanging out here only a few short weeks ago ... and now... this ...

smiles & love for mama (can't tell he's smitten at all now, can ya? ;) )


intense focus


I told you, just handsome.


And probably one of my personal favorites ...


Thank you, Traci & Chipper! I've loved spending this time with you guys and getting to know you as parents. The transition has been seamless; Tripp knew what he was doing when he chose his mommy & daddy. Can't wait to show you the rest ...