What did you expect? | Fairbanks Child & Senior Photographer


*wink, wink*

Wow. Pretty much all I can say. Just when you think things can't get much crazier... they do! We finally all seem to be well (*knock-on-wood*) just in time to pack like crazy, run here, run there, box up this, haul off that only to do it all over again in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure we're the definition of crazy at this point. But, in the midst of all of this, I've gotten to share some galleries, place orders, receive orders, deliver orders and just enjoy my job and the love... hope... and happiness I get to share with my clients. I hope they will send me some snapshots of what they are doing with their art, in their home - I can't wait!

The May, June & July schedule is posted - please check it out here! As always, availability is limited. It's been a long time coming ... guess that's to be expected when you are having so much fun ;) ... I'm hoping to add August & September dates by the time June rolls around if not sooner. As you can imagine, the fall fills *very* fast around here! I'm already booking 8+ weeks out at this time and we haven't even hit the busiest time of year! Keep this in mind as you start to think about your newborn, child, Senior or family portrait. The best time to book is now. It really is. I only have a few June dates available to speak of, so if you see a date that works for you, e-mail or call to snag it!

And in a truly bizarre transition... are you on Facebook? :D You can find the MachC Photography Fan Page here. Stop in, say HI, become a Fan! I'm planning on running some FB only specials in the weeks to come. You just might want to become a Fan for that... hint, hint ;) ... other than that, it's just a fun way to stay involved, be involved & be connected. You should check it out!


What else... oh, that Senior link above? Yeah... very soon... very soon... Senior Season is knocking on our door! If you want style, creativity, fun, flair and just downright unique Senior portraits: it's got to be a MachC session!

In other fun news... a great new Fairbanks Site - Far North Fairbanks! It's got everything from weather to classified ads to a local events calendar to "info tabs" on anything & everything in our area! What a great resource! Head on over to the photographers' area in Shopping & Services and see if you recognize anyone there ;) (pretty cool eh). Lots of info on everything Fairbanks. Gotta love that.

In the meantime... don't forget to enjoy a true Fairbanks season: break-up. :D Life in the fast lane.