Traci ♡ Philip | Fairbanks Maternity Photographer

I guess really, the title should say Traci, Philip... and Philip :) but the baby version will get his own post soon enough... 20 something days and counting... right, Traci? (And grandma? *wink*) First, I have to say I am sooooo lucky to do what I do! When Traci contacted me, I knew there was a family connection and of course put 2 and 2 together when she mentioned her 'little brother' (sorry if the pics don't load! it's being temperamental) - I'm sure he just loves that (see Tyler, no matter how 'old' you get, you will always be little! :) ). It's so fun to get to know families - the parents, the brothers & sisters... and then the next generation of babies... I love how it truly is 'the circle of life'. I love getting to grow with my families like this. There's nothing like it! As if that weren't enough! I knew before we even met how great this session was going to be... dare I say amazing!?!! So much love... so much warmth... so much kindness... so much *excitement*! And as I said before, shoot, we should all look *this* good with less than 4 weeks to go!

Traci & Philip, it was fabulous to meet you guys and hang out for a bit! Thank you for braving the cold (for all of our southern friends... we were in the mere 20s that day - brrrrr! so yes, we took a hot chocolate break AND warmed up in the car just a few times ;) ). But an even bigger thank you for giving me the chance to capture this moment in time for you guys. Life will never be the same (in a good way! :D )... and to have memories of the weeks leading up to the big day is something you will cherish forever. (Not to mention being on a deserted road & running into another friend who just found out she's pregnant - what are the chances! Good times! :) ) I can't wait to show you guys the rest!

Now on to the show!

Love me the real Alaskan girl shot here. Truck n' all.



Isn't she just gorgeous! (We're totally channeling some maternity modeling here. Traci was hoping we could remind the baby that he needs to be good to mama as he grows up... I think these might do the trick ;) )



You guys are too cute! More on the way... stay tuned!