Thankful Thursday: On Thoughtfulness

Kimberly Photography: Thoughtfulness. Thought I'd share a tid-bit of Kimberly's post above on Thoughtfulness. I thought it fit so well with our Thankful Thursday. You can click the link above to see her whole post.

Here's a snippet on the Ten Tenets of Whole Living:

1. Happiness is a choice. Make that choice today and every day.

2. Good health isn't a gift; it's a habit you cultivate.

3. A healthy, fit body is not enough--true fitness engages the spirit.

4. Think more about what you should eat than what you shouldn't.

5. Laugh at yourself. You're funny.

6. Nurture your spirit. It's your source of strength.

7. Stay connected to the natural world. It will feed your soul.

8. Believe in yourself. Your intuition is rarely wrong.

9. It's never too late to take the first step toward your aspirations.

10. What you pay attention to will thrive.

I wonder if being Thankful and being Thoughtful go hand-in-hand... I think they may be sisters in the same family.  ;) I am thankful for choosing to be happy, laughter, staying connected and the ability to listen. On all levels. I am thankful for the ability to make an effort to live more fully every day.

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