"Put it on my tab."

10 points in the game of life for that one... anyone? anyone? :D I'm hoping things will slow down soon... especially long enough to enjoy this beauitful weather we are having! It's been a wild ride these past few weeks for sure ... definitely some "put it on my tab" moments :) . Thought I'd stop long enough to share a few goodies here. Don'tcha just love her eyes? Love the pre-walker, pre-first birthday sessions ... there is just something so magical about this time.


People always ask 'what to wear', no matter who's getting photographed. I touch on this after booking in our consultation, but I had to share these images to generate some ideas for our sessions-to-be. Up first: beautiful, vintage-like coats ... of any size! :) This coat had a nice bell shape to it and just photographed beautifully, especially in black & white. Anything that looks timeless... probably is. :)


And the next 'what to wear' hint: hats! Now we're not talking baseball caps or hats with funny brims ... we're talking fitted, classic hats. Again, it's something that works for all ages - newborns & babies up through Seniors. I love how gorgeous she looks in her little Alaskan earflap hat - it just makes her eyes pop. Always a good thing. :)


If you've e-mailed/called, don't forget to check your messages... filters as well! :) Yahoo, hotmail, etc. aren't always receptive to new visitors ;)

Can't wait to show you what we've been up to around here!