Housekeeping Friday

What else, right?!? ;) 1. If you've contacted me recently via the contact form and *have NOT* rec'd a reply... feel free to bug me again! :D (Sometimes cyberspace likes to gobble them up - so I apologize in advance if you think you are being ignored... you aren't! I promise! Your request may have just gotten lost in translation. Right everyone who's been calling me lately. ;) )

2. Only a few days left to book a session AND donate to a good cause by doing so!

3. Little behind on the June calendar... a few things have popped up in addition to a couple of reschedules (hello, spring, we'd really like you to come & visit us!)... if you are waiting on a June date, e-mail me ASAP. Otherwise the June schedule will be up as soon as I can get to it ;)

4. Four, four, four for my headaches and

5. Fairbanks, Alaska Photography ... photographers in fairbanks alaska ... maternity photographer fairbanks ... beautiful babies photography... and yes "squishy moose face" all get you right here folks :D