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stillmotion photo + cinema blog // emotive art - oh rain, why are you so misunderstood trackback link to this post. Just thought I'd share... another Art that speaks to my heart. I love hearing other artists speak of their craft. Of their love. Of their devotion. Letting the light enter... following the trail of crumbs... sometimes we come across things & may not know why, but I think there's always a reason.

I love her music.

my favorite storm // amy seeley from StillMotion on Vimeo.

Those of you waiting on summer dates from me... we'll chat this week. A little behind from being very, very sick over here ... add to that birthdays & Easter & moving & voila! It's now the middle of April. :) Such is life. Full & overflowing.

ETA: http://onwardfilms.blogspot.com/

Congrats! ... full & overflowing...