Walk It & Book It for Autism! -09

I have a very special request for all of my peeps out there. If you are in another city ... another state ... another country... maybe you will think about donating to this cause. It's one that seems to be affecting so many of us and the children we love and care about so deeply. And if you are local ... I hope you'll consider the promotion I am running in conjunction with our first ever Fairbanks AlaskaWalk for Autism!

Book a session between now and April 9th (2009) and know that $25 of your session fee will be donated to our local Austim Society of America Golden Heart Chapter.

ALL sessions apply: maternity, newborn, child, teen/tween, Senior and family. The session can take place anytime between now and September 2009. Like the message itself states: Put your best foot forward ... please join me in doing just that.

The walk itself takes place SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2009  **  10AM-2PM  ** @ the BIG DIPPER for more information, please visit the Autism Society of America Golden Heart Chapter website.

I love how they have a page that details out how you can help - everything from joining the group to help raise awareness to donating time & money to purchasing items that display your support.

And if you can't make it to the walk, don't forget about the Barnes & Noble Book Fair the next day.

I hope you'll join me in supporting such a worthy cause! Contact me through the Contact Page above or via e-mail at info (@) machcphotography (dot) com to schedule your session & donate to a great cause!