Kaiya | Fairbanks Newborn & Baby Photographer

Little Miss Kaiya is already letting her personality shine through (I love it! :D ). She took her own sweet time, coming into this world when she was good & ready - even though everyone was telling her the party started on this date, she said, nope, I'm pretty sure it's several days after that.  ;) It's so fun for me to meet new parents and share in the joy of their new baby and experiencing it all for the first time: the swaddling, the 'shhhshh'ing', the bouncing, rocking & feeding. Kaiya was so awake & alert - already trying to 'take it all in', she didn't want to miss a thing (reminds me so much of one of my own). Congratulations mom & dad! You guys have a gorgeous little girl there - enjoy your sneak peeks! dsc_3762fairbanksnewbornphotographer