For my Fellow Floridians

I asked the lovely Amy of Amy Smith Photography if I could share The Pink Lemonade Stand with my blog readers. I want to help spread the word - especially after losing a loved one last weekend in her own fight that started with breast cancer twelve years ago. I hope, whether you are near or far, you can help them reach their goal of making $50 to donate by passing along the information, stopping by or donating a dime. And for anyone in Orlando, I hope you'll stop by and have a glass for all of us who've lost a loved one this year alone. Children are pretty incredible people, aren't they.

For those of you who've kept up with St. Baldrick's, Mr. MachC is at 104% of his own personal goal, with the team inching toward their goal in the final hours (still need to count up the cash donations from the kiddos at school). Thanks everyone out there around the world who continues to show support!