Ella | @4 Months |

Little four month old Ella *sigh* isn't she just adorable?! Such big, bright, blue eyes. Full of life & love. The perfect addition to her little family. Even mama says so. ;) Isn't that the way it works though ... that the babies we are supposed to have, fall perfectly into our laps, at just the right time, in just the right place ... all you mamas know what I'm talking about. Ella is a very loved baby sister ... in fact big sister couldn't stop loving on her the whole time! (Hmmm... maybe I have a few of those for you, Heidi ;) . And umm, some of you ladies may just want to click on that link there. *wink*) And as interesting as I was at times, I couldn't hold a candle to mama, Grandma OR big sister OR big brother :D (but that's the way it should be).

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful visit! Ms. Grandma, you have designed a beautifully delicious home :) .  I can't wait to watch little Miss E grow and capture this time for your family. Love my baby planners. :)

Aaahhh THE baby image.

Bright Eyes

The pink & purple of a girl's world.

A tisket, a tasket.

The eyes have it.

All in the family.