Beautiful Baby Beckett | Fairbanks Baby Photographer

*sigh* Isn't that just an adorable name? :) Just six days old and here he is, making his grand entrance ... in the most peaceful of sleepy ways, of course. I don't think I've come across an easier baby! Not even a moose at the window could break his slumber. ;) Such a sweetheart and the best of models. Just so easy-going, relaxed and clearly dreaming his way into life with his beautiful new family. Asleep when I got there, asleep when I left ... I think he peeked out at me once or twice, decided I wasn't much worth looking at and moved on! ;)  Thank you guys so much for letting me move in over the weekend ;)  It's always neat when I run into another mama from a family of all girls. We're a rare breed, being one of four girls! :) It was so great getting to work with you all and meet Grandpa to boot! I hope everyone continues to settle in and enjoy these newborn days.

{Smiles & a squishy face ... nothing I love more...}