8 Days a Week | Fairbanks Newborn Photographer

I'm sure that's what his mama is singin' these days (eight days a week... I lo-oo-oove you... eight days a week, is not enough to show I care). Such a cutie! And 8lbs 14oz at birth! (Go mama!) His session was made that much more special by the simple fact that he shares a birthday with another little 8+ pound boy who was born on this day a few years back ;) ... now little Mr. M's mom & I are part of the same eight-pounds-on-the-seventh club. You did know about that one, didn't you? ;) Madden family, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and giving me the chance to photograph your beautiful little boy. I loved getting to meet you all (Nana too!) and just soak in the calm of the day. You guys are adjusting with such grace & ease... there's just something about baby number two, isn't there? They just seem to fit without even trying. The puzzle piece you've been missing.

So many more to share... but we have to leave a few surprises for mama ... and those baby birth announcements ;)