"3 in February"

That's what he's been telling everyone. And today, it's finally here!

It is a beautiful life.

And just because... 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU

  1. Your chatty cathy nature.
  2. Your beautiful hair (no matter how many times people ask me where it comes from!).
  3. Your gorgeous, soulful, reflective, star burst eyes.
  4. Your amazing knowledge of all things cars & construction site vehicles.
  5. The way, on occasion, you will hold my head in your hands and say, "I love you, because you are my dear."
  6. Olive juice and a wink.
  7. That you took this day & made it your own.
  8. Your sense of humor, giggling, laughing at the craziest things, telling me jokes & trying to get everyone to laugh.
  9. The way you perform "Life is a Highway" over & over again. Even to strangers.
  10. But I {we} love you most because you are you: this incredibly sweet, kind, beautiful, active, inquisitive, energetic, focused little boy who loves life and is truly pursuing love & happiness.