Ugg. {Fairbanks Photography}

And I don't mean uggggg... I mean, Ugg. :) Purdy much love these:

especially in today's weather (and by 'today' I mean the weather that seems to have engulfed us for about a month now, apparently it's never-ending). {Here we can pause & give thanks to my awesome MIL who snagged these for quite the deal to give to her favorite DIL ;) not sure who that is, but she is luuuuck-eeeee, said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice :D }

So I had to post about my Uggs because I know a few girls at Prospector were eying them recently - I didn't notice, Mr. MachC did - I found both of those things pretty funny. In any case, maybe you can't get the Camo ones here? I'm not quite sure... but I do know I am eying these next:

One word folks: crochet. {And if you know where to get these - better yet, who might be having an Ugg sale in the coming months ;) - share with me your two words: find here ;) } I know Uggs aren't for everybody... but man, I think they are pretty darn functional for up here ;) And comfortable. Did I mention comfortable?

Still working behind the scenes. Proofing a session and trying to be 'tester' extraordinaire for some new stuff coming out for photographers. Hope to share soon... until next time...