A New Year, A New Goal | Fairbanks Baby Photographer

A new year and with that, new goals, new dreams ... a new focus (and sometimes a re-newed focus) on life and our passions in life. As we approached 2009, I tried to reflect a little more on my life in general, but also on my personal goals as a photographer, as a creative being. I kept returning to the same road more excited than ever. I want this to be a year that allows me to dive head first into my life, my passions. Over and over again, I feel the pull toward certain work. Having another baby reinforced this for me in ways that I didn't know were possible. I just love, absolutely adore, working with newborns and babies! The 'under one' crowd is my cup of tea. And for those who know me, you know that is a HUGE statement. I really like my cuppa tea. :)

I hope you'll join me this year as I embark on a new journey ... a new road ... one not so far from the one I'm on - just a road that is more focused. And with that, I launch my newborn & baby site, exclusive to the under one set and their parents. With my own personal goal of shooting more of what I love, what puts a smile on my face, I decided to share with you a site dedicated to this special group of little people that I adore oh-so-much. Run over and check out the launch special! I am excited to travel this new road in 2009 and can't wait to meet the babies and families that I can share my heart & passion with. *Cheers!*

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