Where does the time go?!

Seriously? Where does the time go anymore?! I feel the race toward the finish line ... patiently waiting for one of these to come in ...

(cannot wait!) ... of course my excitement is nothin' compared to the family waiting for it. Plus cards & prints and all sorts of other goodies. And then everyone is set for Christmas! In the meantime, sorry for the sporadic posting... it's not for lack of stuff or even lack of want... it's lack of time! Great stuff going on behind-the-scenes... just gotta keep pluggin' away.

The Casting Call is just about set. I may have room for one more... *maybe* ... depends on when your little one is due, so if you are interested, drop me a line ASAP to see if I can squeeze you in. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me! I am so excited to work with each of you!

And for anyone who didn't make this casting call for whatever reason, but are still interested in setting up a newborn session, feel free to send me a message. Even if you are due several months from now, it's good to get you on the books so we can plan for the arrival of your little one. I have a 'Baby Plan' in place as well, ask me about that if it's something you might be interested in!

One more day for the draw! Someone is getting a *very* cool hat!