Resolve to... Get Organized in the New Year!

Did you know that's in the top FIVE 'most requested' ;) new year's resolutions ... yeah, I just read that somewhere... felt a bit of 'oh really?' and then a bit of guilt... yep, I seem to remember that one in years past. This year, I'm going to get organized! :) (I'm still not quite sure what it means... but yet again, I find myself trying to do just that.) So I wanted to find some 'cool' post on getting organized to share with you all... only I realized some of the things I was reading, were from years ago... literally. I'm not sure organizing our '06 is going to help us in '09. *sigh* So instead I thought I'd share a few small things that I feel like are helping (or have helped) me. (And by all means, feel free to share your own tips too! Between the lot of us, we should have '09: Organized in No Time done in lightening speed. Right :) Right.) So first up (and I know some of you already know about this) is Flock. It's been dubbed the 'social web browser', as it lets you gather (if you will) everything under one roof: blog feeds, flickr, twitter, facebook, pictures - you get the idea. All the goodies that you are already checking, using and uploading to anyway. I still haven't figured out everything it has to offer, but so far am pretty impressed. It seems very... organized. :D

Now if you're a list guru... er, uh, person :) ... then Remember the Milk is probably right up your alley. An online task management system, it syncs with google calendar (another great thing!), twitter, your blackberry, your iphone - yeah, pretty cool, huh. I have to admit, I really used this one a lot when I first got it... it's fallen by the wayside, not sure why or how, but it's something I need to get back into. (I feel another New Year's Resolution coming on.)

So what's left once you've organized your (social) online world and your 'to do' lists? Well... visit unclutterer for some daily tips on what else? Organizing your home & office space! I forgot how much I looooove looking at their workspace of the week postings - can you imagine all that light in your home office?! Gorgeous! I really, honestly, completely forgot how much I loved this site when my friend Mike originally sent it my way. I like the way it breaks it all up into small, bite-sized, manageable pieces. (And I love being able to search their site by category too!)

In any case... just trying to start the new year off in a more organized fashion. I hope this helps... or at least sparks some ideas for you to share as well. I know I need all the help I can get! :) In the meantime, don't spend every spare minute on the resolve to get organized... make sure to spend a few extra moments with the ones you love and ring in the new year right... not just with how to make things better in the year to come, but savoring every moment we have, right now, as it stands. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a wonderful 2009 ... in all its disorganized glory!