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Probably image overload, but when you need to show it all... from foot warmers to moose to the moments in between... that's what happens! :) And for those of you that haven't tried them, those foot warmers totally work. I'd never seen such a thing before! Learn something new every day. Warm gear was a must for our shooting days for sure and tucking those in your boots or gloves sure helped. If they'd only been up here a week earlier it would have been sooo warm! (Okay, warm to us. :) ) Tried my hand at a dutch shot too. Did you see the baby moose? Couldn't get too close since it was feeling a bit nervous. And I'm sure mom wasn't too far off. Rich did a good job trying to sneak up on him. ;) Had to show the radio too... a great source of entertainment & enlightenment - everything from wild dogs to "hey Rich, there's a moose behind my truck" to "you guys have the best job in the whole world, you have no idea" ponderings from our snowmachine racer. Yep. Up here we go snowmaching. Just so you know. (We've heard of this 'snowmobiling', but that's not what we do. Just sayin' ;) .) I learned so much from such a great crew... and feel pretty confident I know what a good road looks like now. I'll never see a road the same way again... and wikapedia... learned a lot about wikapedia too. Just sayin ;)


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Contemplating the next shot.