In my head

And I'm not talkin' the Cranberries here people. Okay, there are a zillion things I want to show & share with you guys, only I realized as we inch (okay RUN!) toward the holiday season that... some of these... things that I want to show (ahem, holiday cards, my fave images - which seem to be moms' fave images, sbs, the list goes on)... could be, well... for YOU! And that takes all the fun out of it doesn't it, if you see the card or the image on the gift before it even arrives? Yeah, I thought so. Hence a quick swap-out of... the other stuff we love just as much but is 'safe' to share. :)

A fun family shot.

Two calendar pages (and funny enough, I got a very lovely e-mail from this one's mama just yesterday and it's official, the calendar is safe to show. *phew* How do I know this? Well, let's just say a little birdie might have told me that it was being shown off one day at school *wink, wink*.)

A one page Senior spread from an auction book.

A portrait that this one's mom & I are head-over-heels for. :)

And a few two-page spreads from said auction book.

And just to keep you well informed... on Fun Fact Friday :D ... I will be doing a designer post (it'll make more sense when I post), an up-coming family post that you don't want to miss, and a few other odds n' ends I have up my sleeve... I'm not sure they'll be in that order, but you get the idea ;)   ... it's fun... it's a fact... and it's Friday.