A photographer's eye view.

Some times there are just moments in life that are really humbling and bigger than what you can put into words. The initial e-mail {and then phone call and then more e-mails} that lead to this session, was just that moment. It is so incredible to get a call from another photographer, asking you to photograph their family. It means a lot that a colleague would ask me to give them a glimpse of 'them' through my eyes. It really is nice to have another photographer to scheme work with. ;) (Our poor families!)

To this wonderful photographer & her family, thank you so much. You guys were great to work with and Little Miss Lael is talked about in our house constantly (naturally ;) ). This is only the start of many more fun things to come. I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek and the rest of your gallery! {Pssst... you can find her blog here.}