A Much Awaited Sneak Peek

My deepest apologies as I know this family has been patiently waiting in SO many respects 1) for the snow :D 2) for a 'winter' family portrait (hence this session has been 'on the books' for months now and 3) their sneak peeks! I was able to give a quick peek here and thought I'd be able to dive into the rest lickety-split... well... it turns out life had other plans. The flu took us by storm over here. Yes, that same cruddy flu that is running rampant through the town hitting up anyone & everyone. THEN to make matters worse, two teething kids. Yes, two. (That seems so unfair doesn't it?!!) I wish I could say I strongly worked through the pain, but oy. It's been kicking my bootay. So P~family, I am SO sorry for the delay! But thank you so much for your patience. (In the future I'll try scheduling my illnesses in ;) ) Without further ado! So really, this was a full-on family session... but I have to save at least a few of those just for mom :) (hey, we do all the work in getting ready for these things, we deserve at least a few goodies just for us! ). Part of what I pour my heart into is striving to customize your session to the fullest. One of the things that came up when Catherine & I were chatting was her need/desire to have some 'school portraits' done of the kids. Now, obviously not 'school portraits, school portraits' but the moxie version of school portraits. :D Yeah, we like that a little better. So how 'bout one family portrait & the kick off to our school portrait session? What do ya think???

A quick family shot. {How can you not resist some snuggle time when you have four in the tween-teen category. But seriously, how cute are these guys?! They are only pretending to like each other. *wink*}

Miss Kalena... pretty sure she's scoping things out for Senior portraits in the next few years. She's workin' it.

Next up, Miss Eden. I couldn't resist showing this shot. The backlighting, the Alaskan birch, the snow, the slight ATM pose... I love it!

And then Bohdan. You may remember him from here. Boh & I go waaaaay back. We have the tween-photog understanding down to a "t".

And last but certainly not least... my friend Joaquin. And don't think I say my friend lightly. I was informed no less than about five shots in that he would really like to do this again this summer. :D Me too Joaquin! {And if you get the impression that he's a natural in front of the lens, you'd be right.}

{Probably one of my most favorite tween pictures yet. :) }

Thanks for a wonderful session you guys! And thanks a million times over for braving the cold - I know it wasn't easy... but it was worth it! Can't wait to get the gallery out to you...