The best tires in the world...

You know when you have something that you've been working on... for a while... maybe even a long time... and then it's here and you are so excited (because it's finally happening) - there's that slight bit of panic. That moment of okay, now what do I say?! Yup. Me too. ;) I feel so incredibly thankful for this opportunity that came my way a few months ago and now it's finally here! Last week the Goodyear team arrived and we've been in full swing ever since. It's pretty wild to think that they came all the way up to Alaska to shoot, but then again, we do have snow in October. Ahhh, there are benefits to this early snow/cold weather bit after all. ;) Well, before the internet goes down (again), I should post a few quick behind-the-scenes-peeks. (And just for reference, did you know that a "mild" problem is the descriptor used when internet service is down throughout the entire city? Yup. Uh-huh. "Mild." That's what they said...)

I can't wait to share more! {So... have you finished the post title yet? The best tires in the world, have Goodyear written all over them.}