And I hear grandma got internet just for this...

{Side note: word on the street, grandma got a hotel with internet specifically for this cute-pie... seriously, can you blame her?! :D Read on if you want... or just go straight to the sneaks ;) } If you look hard enough... you may just recognize this little guy from a few other spots around here! He's been my baby boy muse for quite some time ;) . I've been lucky enough to shoot his newborn session and his 7 month session, literally getting to see him in front of the camera every few months. So when mom called & said she was ready to book his '1 year' shoot, I was beyond excited! It's a milestone I've been waiting for as well. :D I love that I get to see him 'grow up' through my lens. It's been such a cool perspective over the past year plus. They just grow & change so quickly in the first year alone, it's just so nice to be able to find a way to put time in a bottle, so to speak.

Okay, nuff of that "awww, he's getting so big" *sniff, sniff* stuff! ;) The real truth about Slater is that he is growing into such a beautiful, calm but active, fun little boy. {Dare I say toddler?!?! :)} It was so fun getting to hang out with you guys for the afternoon (as usual)! And I have to say, for those that don't know, Robyn & Wade have been awesome to work with in putting up with all of the 'unexpecteds' that come up! When Slater was a newborn, I was suffering from enduring the sea-sick world of morning sickness (which, let me tell ya, doesn't always end in the first trimester), then his 7 month photo shoot took place with mom & dad doing a lot of singing & clapping and moving around, since my belly & I were pretty immobile. :) And then this time around, they graciously pushed back our time together so I could take care of my sick little girl. Hmmm... come to think of it, it's beginning to sound like she's the one putting a cramp in their style, not me! ;)

Well, regardless... I have to say I love shooting toddlers and toddlers-to-be... and Slater was no exception. They really let me dive into their world & their personality to tell their story. It involves a lot of chasing and running around :D but there's nothing wrong with that... enjoy your sneak peeks ~ I'll be in touch with the rest soon!

{Click on the image to see it bigger. And yes, that is an Ewok that you see. He was even faster than Slater!}