The Moment It Clicks.

I am so fortunate to meet the clients I do. I tend to book 4-6 weeks out, which can be a long time to wait for family portraits. Especially when you are a busy family of four juggling businesses, preschool, music class ;) and life on top of it all. I am so thankful that when Amie contacted me way back in July, and I couldn't fit her family in until September {gulp!}, she was willing to wait. In fact, I remember her saying with such grace & ease, September would be great, fall would be a lovely backdrop for my little blonde kids. I'm so glad they waited for me! (And without a doubt, fall totally fits your family!) So a few months back, I have to admit, I was pretty tickled hearing her talk about her family and how, quite simply, she wanted images of them being them. I remember her telling me that they never sit still. And not just the kids, Cierra & Walker, but her & her husband never sit still either!

She wanted to see through my eyes the art in their everyday lives, carhartts, frilly dresses laughter & all. I think that is really what we captured here. What she allowed me to capture of her family. A little piece of their life ... in a moment ... in a 'click'. I loved getting the chance to meet your family, Amie! To see an adorable little boy that notices everything around him (especially that big sister of his) and has an infectious giggle-grin... to meet a beautiful little girl that loves dresses & pretty princesses, but isn't afraid to get dirty :) ... and get to talk to a couple who clearly 'do it all' through hugs, love & laughter.

The moment it clicked. It doesn't get much better than portraits of who you really are, as a family.

I can't wait to show you guys the rest!