Senior '09: Leilani

{Don't forget about Run for Reading! It's all for a good cause!} I luurrrve my Seniors! Seriously. Can't say it enough! And apparently these two know each other? Yep, the sap story is out. Oh, and I suppose she knows this guy (and this guy too)... although one of them may claim to not know her. ;) It's so much fun... this 6 degrees of separation with all of my Seniors - I love it!

So, I'm not showing any in the sneaks, but I have so many of Lani just laughing, enjoying life, being her. What makes this so remarkable? Well, Leilani is a few steps ahead of most of us. Graduating @ 16 is just one of those tiny steps. That's a tough act to follow! As if that's not impressive enough, AP & honors classes to boot. Sure, there are a few of us who've taken AP classes here and there... but @ 16... as a Senior... in order to graduate ahead of schedule... I am just floored! You have to have your act together to get it done like that.

Aside from all that though, Lani is just a regular, down-to-earth girl. We just clicked! (No pun intended ;) ) Brought along some fun outfits with great color that made for an awesome session! We talked school, sports, boyfriends, journalism, law school... the only thing that stopped us from talking about all of this stuff the whole session was the random crazy guy that we had to avoid! (It was definitely scary until our knight in shining armor showed up.) Thank goodness we're two pretty tough cookies. :D

Leilani, I had an awesome time chatting with you talking about all that is school and high school and life beyond those walls. Enjoy your sneak peeks! I'll be in touch soon...


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And I have to send a huge {HUG} and thanks to Mrs. R's mom ;) ... she brought me back that lovely (oooh so soft) blue shawl/scarf from the Philippines this summer. It is TDF. Just beautiful & silky & yummy. And I loved getting to try it out with Leilani this session! It worked perfect. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I absolutely love it!