Maybe I'm Amazed.

Sometime back in July, I got a lovely inquiry - a family portrait, just the two of us, casual, 'us' ... within just a few short days of our initial conversation, we had a date booked. Their story flowed so naturally... he's getting ready to leave for work. We'll be apart for several months. He's leaving the country for a little while. We e-mailed back & forth about the weather and the beautiful fall look and finally, our 'spectacular' location. Well, maybe you are quicker than I am. He's leaving for Afghanistan shortly. It only came up in our face-to-face meeting, so casually, but yet with a sense of "I'll miss you" sadness. I can't imagine. So, so far away. But they are taking it in such stride. And, as you'll see from our family session below, with such ease & grace, fun & laughter... and love. Most importantly, love. I am so honored to get to be their family photographer. To capture these memories for them. And as Skip can probably attest, Michel and I could have chatted on-and-on if only our session didn't come to an end! ;) Such an easy going, beautiful couple. Twenty-seven years together (right?!) with their daughter Mo' in tow ;) (okay, not really, but the rhyming is fun :) *waving* to Mo' over there in Texas!)... and still, even after all these years, I can't even tell you how many people stopped to smile or say "Did you just get married?" That's always a good sign.

Thank you Michel & Skip... I am so blessed to have met you both. Thank you for such a fun shoot, you guys are pros!