Fun Fall Family

Fun fall family in the forest & fields ... sounds pretty relaxing, doesn't it?! And it was! Literally just walking around, hanging out, enjoying the afternoon - those are my kind of family sessions! It's stressful enough just getting little ones out the door without spit-up on them - a relaxing photo session is definitely what's in order. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when mom contacted me to say, you know, we haven't had a family portrait done in a long time - I'd like you to make this happen for us. That's an incredible honor & privilege. I was even more excited to incorporate the fall scenery, the symbolism of change, especially for this family of four. Change from being an only to a big brother, change from 'us and our son' to 'our kids'. Change from having a child to having children. It's an amazing time in life to be experiencing all of this. I haven't known the 'G' family for a long, long time, but I've known them long enough to see the relationship between William & Julia change and grow. He was such an incredible big brother throughout our whole session - hugging her, loving her, holding her, talking to her ... even the look that she gave him... like in the image below... just priceless. She feels more comfortable when he's around.

Kim & Ben, I can't wait to show you guys the rest. And I hope I am able to give you a glimpse here... a glimpse of the wonderful change that happened in the past 9 months - some of it noticeable, but some of it probably so subtle that it's just in a glance or a smile. (And speaking of smiles... I know you were worried, but don't be ;) ...) Enjoy your sneak peeks!