'Tis the Season!

It can't be that time already, can it?! Well... yes on two accounts - it's the Senior Season for sure! (More of those sneaks to come... plenty of 'em too!) And yup, it's time to gear up for holiday sessions. Hard to believe! On that note, I am booking out several weeks in advance at this point, with September being full. A few session spots left in October, so just get in touch with me asap if that might be of interest. Seniors, I still have a spot or two open for you, depending on where you go to school - so track me down ASAP if you want to get on the books for your senior portraits. If you are looking to schedule a newborn session, just send me a quick e-mail or call and we'll get you set up. One of my recent Seniors... I'll have to show her real sneak peek in a post-to-come, but seriously - stunning - she is just stunning! Liz & Erin, I hope this can hold you over until the 'real' ;) sneaks come - I know you guys are *so* excited about our session (me too!)... and the thought of making you wait longer is just pure torture, so here's one to celebrate getting through Day 1 of your Senior Year!

(stay tuned... :) )