Senior '09: Tyler

I had the pleasure of photographing another Senior recently, this one "just" on his way to becoming an engineer. At least that's what he told me, 'just' here, 'just' engineering ;) ... I'm thinking he has no idea how impressive that truly is. Add to that a Senior who's involved in everything! Did I mention that?! Not just the typical snowmaching, snowboarding winter fun, but he's also a soccer player, a HUGE fan of Clifford ;) and a very active member of Young Life. In fact, there's a story behind that orange hat you see below... I'm pretty sure it has to do with Malibu too, but I probably shouldn't reveal all of his secrets here. :D Tyler, I had an awesome time working with you. I hope you enjoyed having your Senior session on your own terms, laid back & chill. Enjoy your sneak peeks!