Senior '09: Stephanie

{*If you are trying to view the images from a previous post, just "click" on the post title - the sneak peek gallery will then 'load' for you.} Next up, the fabulously stunning Senior, Stephanie. For the both of us, this session has been a month in the making! We had to time everything just right. It was great to finally meet up and just enjoy the afternoon. She took me to a new spot that she had in mind for her session - not only was the location peaceful, calm & relaxing, but it made our session just as easy-going, like a breath of fresh, clean fall air. I love it that she brought me to a place that meant something to her (her & her dog spend quality time around these parts, enjoying all the seasons taking walks & spending time in the great outdoors). Even though this was our first time meeting in person, Stephanie and I also have a few other connections. She sort of 'knew' me previous to this as she had the Mr. as a teacher a few years back. And I've 'known' her through her mom (we used to work together in a previous life ;) ). It made it all the more special to finally meet up!

Okay, enough of the chatter... you came here for the pics, right?! :D Miss Stephanie, it was wonderful getting to know you and talk to you about your upcoming year. I have no doubt that this is going to be a great year (especially without the knee brace! ;) ). Thanks for a great Senior session! I'll be in touch with your gallery soon...