Lopez... Reeves... Seeley... Sewell

What do these things have in common??? ...

Well, besides one quick word (TALENT!)... the tie that binds? ME as a happy camper and HUGE fan! :D You see, months & months ago, during my own maternity leave, I stumbled upon the sneakpeek photoblog of the wonderfully talented (see, there's that word again!) Shannon Sewell. I was hooked! I love her work! And I love her love for music... and quoting music lines. :) (I do that on occasion, but she has far surpassed anything I can come up with!) So it seemed very fitting when she had a lil' blog contest a while back - basically a 'name that tune' sorta thing. And low-and-behold... I won! (Okay, I didn't win... my husband won - ruthlessly competitive I tell ya!) So naturally I have to show off the goodies that arrived in the mail a little while back, hence the special edition ipod shuffle (loooove it!) and the awesome works of Valeri Lopez, Jason Reeves, and Amy Seeley. All SIGNED copies!!! (You guys are awesome!)

So you wanna know what makes this story even more "it's a small world after-all"?! Uhm, yeah, turns out Shannon's BFF is from HERE! Another long-time 'Banks family. And I'm pretty sure it's this lovely photog right here. (Now I found this all in round about ways, so hopefully this is right! ha!)

In any case... enjoy the tunes, enjoy the visual eye candy and seriously, if you want to be 'in-the-know' in & around the music scene, stalk Shannon's blog. :D