Can you help me?!

I know, I know... some people can't be helped ;) seriously though: 1. I need some remedies. And fast! I'm getting sick. As in, sneezing, sniffles, sore throat, having a hard time functioning, sick. :( (Okay, maybe "getting" sick is the wrong phrase, reading that over, I AM sick, hmph.) And I just had kidney stones less than 2 weeks ago! SO unfair. Any thoughts as to what cures a cold? *sigh*

2. I also need some blog help. Do you see what I see? For those of you in readers... can you see all the images from recent posts? Those of you who come to the blog directly... what about you? Or do some of the pictures sit there "loading"? If a few of you can leave something in the 'comments' and let me know... I'd be ever so thankful! :D