You’re it! (err-ummm, I’m it?)

Tag! Yes, I've been tagged again. :D My adorable Aussie photographer-mama friend Susan tagged me on this one. Her daughter, Miss S. is a big hit in this household - she lets us sing along with her with the push of a button (you might have to go back a few posts, but you'll see what I mean... we know all about the crocodile washin' her clothes up here ;) ). So, on to the tag! Apparently I have to spill 6 quirky facts about myself... unspectacular quirks. (hmmm...)

  1. I get the impression (from others) that apparently it's strange to love cheese as much as I do. And I do love cheese. I didn't realize you weren't supposed to neeeeed cheese this much! And have successfully passed that love on to my oldest. :) Whoo-hoo! Go mama! :D
  2. Speaking of quirky things I've successfully passed on... ice chewing. My habit has improved over the years, but alas, it's another love I've passed on to my child.
  3. When I was little, some of my words came out with an English accent, not sure why. But maybe very fitting considering all of my lovely, across the world over there, friends who have adorable accents themselves. All in preparation of this time & place, I'm sure ;)
  4. I'm a multi-tasker, which some consider quirky I suppose. (Or maybe just annoying? lol)
  5. I need more ice in my water than water, in my water. I think that goes back to #2.
  6. And speaking of ice again (wow, I am quirky when it comes to ice, aren't I?! lol) I have a favorite. A favorite ice you say? Yes, it's true. Crushed ice. Now that is good ice. Betcha didn't know there were different kinds of ice. lol

In Susan's words... now to pick 6 other unsuspecting victims (lol). :D

my a-muze-ing, Kylie Clark Janine (gotcha!)

Jesse :)

Shannon over there @ My Candid Moments

Cyndi @ Colorful Heart - *hi Cyndi!* :)

Jodi M (go check out her beautiful new wedding shots! just lovely)

okay, and one more b/c we can't end on 6! (yup, quirky, heehee)

Maki *hi Maki!* :)

and the rules:

- Link the person who tagged you

- Mention the rules on your blog

- Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

- Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

- Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they have been tagged.