The love we have.

That about sums it up. It may seem so simple, something so many say in passing, but the Dahl family shares an unbreakable bond. A love that just breathes through them. A love that holds hands, grabs arms, and snuggles in tight. That kind of love. When we talked before their session, C said:

I would like all of the kids to look back and see how we have been there for each other, through thick and thin, the love we have for each other even though we all have different stories/backgrounds/parents and that no matter what is going on, where everyone may be, we will always be there for each other.

And with that I share with you their sneak peeks, different but the same. Individuals together as a family. There is no doubt they will always be here for each other, where ever life takes them.

C&R... still newlyweds @ heart


Miss A, full of giggles, squeals & boundless energy


Miss M, with the uncanny ability to locate frogs & be ready for her model shot in a moment's notice


Mr. I ... yup, mom & dad, watch out for those girls here in a few years if they're not on the prowl already! We got a few smiles too ;)


Miss G, beautiful inside & out - isn't she just gorgeous! And if you ever need to know anything about wild flowers & how to replant them, she's your gal... maybe she knows a few good cooking secrets too ;)


I adore this family shot! Love it. It's so them.



We're still missing a few (Ms. C & Mr. M), I have to save some for later! ;) But I wanted to leave you all with this parting shot, of Miss A and Lil' B. The love they have, they love they share - we had to do a separate shot with only this auntie as she left for the Air Force shortly after our session.

Good luck Miss A and know how proud everyone is of you.