A sneak peek for my friend Boh

Not everyone knows this, but Boh's session is one that has been in the works for months and months, quite literally. Mom contacted me about 7-8 days after Matayah was born with warm congratulations and a big idea for her son. I love that! At 11 years old, Boh has beautiful, waist length (at least!), long hair that he has been growing out since he could talk. And although he didn't talk until he was 3, once he did, mom says it was in FULL SENTENCES! It was at that time that he said he grows his hair for God. Can you imagine your 3 year-old sharing this with you? WOW. Just incredible. So mom wanted to commemorate this time in his life (he's thinking he might want to cut his hair soon) through images depicting his Athabaskan heritage - learning to dance with the Soaring Eagle Drum dance group, wearing his kuspuk, the works. Needless to say, I have been over the moon waiting to share this day with them.

I hope everyone can see the wonder, awe and pride enclosed in these images. One of the things mom said to me was I want it [the pictures] to be strong, something he can look back on with pride as part of who he is and that the Eskimo in him is worth celebrating.

Boh, I hope this sneak peek shows you all that and more. This is SO worth celebrating. This is you.