10 Things

I love about you.

  1. You have a smile that lights up any room.
  2. And you have so many versions of that smile! Tongue in, tongue out, big gummy grin, sly half-smile, the 'look at me coooo' smile, the yawn-I'm-not-tired smile... I could go on and on...
  3. You have such pretty slate blue eyes, with some brown-green combo in the middle... they probably won't stay... but they stayed blue longer than your brother's!
  4. You are so happy. So content.
  5. When you do get upset, we can almost always fix it for you.
  6. You talk ALL.THE.TIME. lol You are the most talkative baby I know.
  7. I love how much you love your brother. And watch his every move.
  8. I am continually amazed at your ability to drift off into slumber on your own ... not every time, but several times a day, all by your big girl self.
  9. I love that you give your daddy that look - that look of 'I love you and have missed you sooooo much', even if you just saw him 2 minutes ago.
  10. I love that you give your smile, your heart, to everyone. Everyone notices that smile and that love. It all goes back to #1.

3 months. Already. God's gift from great grandma Georgette.