The Real Farmer’s Market

I love the farmers market. I don't get there often, but such a cool thing that we have going. Produce, hand-made products, pottery, beads & candles. Lots of goodies. But alas, I do believe I found the REAL farmer's market in the 'banks. Tim's farm. Pigs, check. Chickens (or chook for my abroad friends - that's what you call them, right?), check, check, check. A garden full of veggies and seasonings, check. All self-sustaining. Solar panels complete the deal. It's amazing! So I wanted to share a few images with you from our visit. And hopefully, one day when he gets back 'online' (because as you can imagine not only is there no internet @ the farm, there's also not much interest in getting online when in town, lol), he can rummage around and find these, send 'em to the family. I know they've been asking for some pics. ;)

First, the chook.


Then, some of the little creatures.



Pickles. (I'm pretty sure that's the evil eye - or maybe a confrontational stare-down. Yikes.)



Going green.



Where's Waldo?




Yup, that was a long walk around the farm.



Thanks, Tim! We had such a wonderful time visiting and are immensely impressed with all that you've done in the 'plans' ;) to make this yours. It was so peaceful - I can't imagine a day, let alone a week, in your life, but maybe someday we should trade just for 'fun' ;) .