Win & Win Big!

Senior Class of '09 ... let's have some FUN! Two games going on right now... Two ways to win... Two x the fun... Twice as nice :D

1. Grab your BFF and send in a snapshot of the two of you doing whatever it is that you do! Studying together... playing together... making funny faces... dressing up... eating out... playing basketball - softball - Frisbee... I want to see that one person that you turn to - who makes you, YOU!

  • send your pic to me ( info(@) -- without the parenthesis of course ;) )
  • in a few short words, tell me the 5 Ws ;)
  • you have the next 48 hours! Ready... set... GO!

I'll post all BFF pics here, along with a quick area to vote in - the BFFs/snapshot with the most votes... gets a FREE BFF session! That's right! No session-retainer fees and you get to take your Senior Portraits TOGETHER!!! Be spontaneous. Be original. Be best friends.

All entries must be received by Friday, May 30th, 9am Alaska time.

2. - I said there were two games going on! :D Head on over to ... don't forget to check back here in the coming days to vote!

Can't wait to see what you guys cook up!